Humidifier…Another Health Benefit for Sleep

This time every year, I usually end up with a sinus infection and the loss of my voice.

I finally figured out why.  It is because here in Colorado, the Winters are very dry even with the snow, but especially on days after we have had a snowstorm. and the roads are covered with sand, magchloride, and other stuff the transportation department puts down on the road to melt and clear the snow and ice.

That is all well and good, but this stuff turns into fine particles that end up creating Air pollution (brown cloud) and eventually I breath this in, causing my allergies to kick in.  With the dry air this time of the year it makes it tough to get rid of the allergies, and eventually they turn into a sinus infection.

When my allergies started on Monday, I decided to crank up the humidity in my house to combat the dryness.  I have 2 humidifiers, one large (in the Bedroom), and one personal (next to the bed), and I have been running them all the time.  In fact, I close the door to help keep the humidity higher.

Now 5 days later, I am feeling much better.  Not completely out of the woods.

I have written many articles on the health benefits of newer bed pillows, mattress pads, the type of sheets you sleep in, and temperature, but now I am adding the benefits of using a humidifier in your bedroom, especially if you live in a drier climate like Colorado.down-bedding-resized

Not only is this humidifier reducing my allergies, but I am now getting a good 7 hours restful sleep each night, which is helping to reduce my allergies.








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