Moisture Robs Valuable Sleep

It seems like there are so many advertisements regarding Sleep and how getting a new mattress could help give you the quality of sleep you seek.down-bedding-resized

Granted there is something to be said about getting a new mattress, but sometimes that may not be enough, or that may not be what needed to change.

Many times I have worked with clients that have purchased a new mattress, but because they are still using old bed linens, they are not getting the sleep they desire.

Do you find yourself sweating or cold while sleeping?  This can easily disrupt your sleep.  Moisture is the culprit here…it robs us of valuable sleep.

Many products used in making new mattresses, do not breathe, nor do they wick moisture away to keep us dry and comfortable during our REM and Non REM sleep.  There are a lot of products on the market when it comes to bed linens, how do you sort through them to find the best mix for you?

Granted many products are made using Cotton, but Cotton is not the best product for wicking away moisture…in fact, when Cotton gets damp, it stays damp.  Just look at the products that athletes use, many of the clothing products used are of other fibers, such as Bamboo, Microfiber, and Silk.  These all have better wicking properties than Cotton.

If you prefer to sleep on crisp cotton sheets, then maybe the Mattess pad could be changed to something made with Microfiber or Silk, that would wick away the moisture.

Looking for a better night of sleep may be just a new set of sheets or mattress pad away.










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