Dry and Comfortable

This morning as I walked my dog, Snowflake, I was thinking about the last article I wrote about moisture robbing valuable sleep, and how advancements in clothing have inspired new products in Bed linens.

What I am talking about, is think about what you wear when you workout or do something athletic, like ski or bike, or for me walk my dog every morning. Many of the clothing choices out there are made using microfibers. Fact, look at what your favorite athlete wears, chances are it is made from microfiber fabrics.

I choose to wear a shirt and leggings or yoga pants made of microfiber. These items keep me dry (unless it is raining) while I walk, keeping me comfortable. When the temperatures are colder I just slip other clothes over this base layer to keep me warm. However, the socks I wear are cotton and when we walk through wet grass, my socks become damp and by the time we get home my feet are cold because of the moisture.

Brushed Ultrasoft Microfiber Sheets

My point here, is that the cotton stays damp when it contracts any kind of moisture, while the microfiber wicks it away keeping me dry and comfortable. What do you think your sheets are doing while you sleep…get damp and stay that way or wick away the moisture keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night?


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