Keep more in your bank account

With it being the Memorial Day weekend, there are tons of ads for furniture, new beds, and mattresses.

Are you looking to replace your mattress? Why are you looking to replace?Mattress

Changing size? Are you prepared to buy new items to go with the new bed ie, mattress pad, sheets, blankets, comforters, and other items. Granted if you go to a smaller size, you can use your existing top of the bed items like blankets and comforters on your new bed, but will still need to purchase mattress pads and sheets.

Mattress is too hard? That happens sometimes, but maybe a topper (Feather or Synthetic) or thicker mattress pad may solve the issue and keep more in your bank account.

Are you thinking a new mattress will help improve your quality of sleep? Maybe so, maybe no. If you are going to stick with the same size of mattress, maybe changing the type of sheets you are using to Microfiber, Bamboo, or Tencel blend, may make a difference in your sleep. Also a change of mattress pads, can have an effect on your quality of sleep, especially if you go with Silk filled or other natural fills like down, or wool. If neither of these options work, then maybe a new mattress is in order.

Before jumping off and buying a new mattress, take the time to think a little more on the reasons you want this, and if there are other less expensive options to help solve your issues without going into debt.


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