Summer Heat…Are You Ready?

Today is the 1st day of Summer, and Mother Nature did not disappoint.  Record High temperatures in the Southwest with more Record highs coming to the rest of the nation.

Summer 5

Are you ready for the Heat of Summer?  I know the last few weekends, I helped sell a lot of Air Conditioning units while working for Home Depot (my part-time job) to people anticipating HOT weather and trying to make sure they can stay cool.

However, there may be some less expensive tweeks you can do to help keep you cool during your night sleep.

Now would be a great time to evaluate your Bed Linens.  Cotton is a great fabric, but when you begin to perspire, the cotton tends to absorb the moisture, but because of its nature, it tends to hold onto that excess sweat, and remains damp, therefore causing you to become more uncomfortable as the night wears on.  And this dampness will cause you to be hotter during the summer months as your body tends to warm up.

For me, I have found Bamboo sheets are great to sleep on, as the properties of Bamboo wick away moisture 1 ½ times quicker than cotton, and dry quickly. In fact, many Athlethic-wear companies are using Bamboo in their clothing, keeping the wearer dry and cool.

Bamboo can be outside of some budgets, so maybe Microfiber sheets would be the right choice, as their properties are similar to Bamboo, but with a much lower price point.  Microfiber wicks away moisture much quicker than cotton, but also dries quicker than cotton, so does not remain damp, keeping us comfortable during the night.

If you cannot afford a new air conditioning unit, then maybe you need to look at changing up your sheets.


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