How not to have Hot & Steamy Nights!

Granted most of us would love to have a Hot & Steamy night, but I am not talking about those that are found in Romance novels or Fifty Shades of Grey.  even-more-hot-steamy-christian-sex

I am talking about those nights where no matter what we do, we are just hot & sweaty and not the good kind.  What to do to get cooled down?

With Summer just starting and temperatures soaring into the 90’s and 100’s, how to achieve a cooler night’s sleep?

Silk has natural cooling properties, and the 100% Silsilk-filled-mattress-padk Filled Mattress pad  would be an option to keeping you comfortable for a good night’s sleep.  Silk also absorbs moisture (the main culprit in our body temperatures) well and is a better option to keeping you cooler than traditional cotton or polyester filled mattress pads.

Updating your linens could give you a cooler night’s sleep, and leave the Hot & Steamy night’s to your imagination.





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