How to Protect your College Investment

You probably clicked on this article thinking it was going to help you to protect the investment you have made for your child’s future higcollegeher education.

Well that is not what this article about. What it is about is the real investment here, your child going off to college, and thus your investment in their future.

Higher education not only requires money to attend, but the students to be 100% fully engaged in the learning process.

That means they need to be to be getting quality sleep so that they will be alert during their classes to get the most from their instructors, and thus protecting that investment into their future.

How best to do this?   Depends on what the circumstances are?

Are they living on Campus where beds are provided? If so, then it is important to provide them with quality bedding that would improve the bed that is provided by the facility. Start with a mattress pad that


could serve as a featherbed, improving the comfort of the mattress. Then a new sleeping pillow…the pillow they have been sleeping on is most likely better off being used as a bed for a pet, with the years of dander, skin cells, and microorganisms that have built up inside the pillow.

Once you get the basics done then look for some sheets (something like Microfiber) that are easy to take care of, yet can reduce the amount of moisture which will keep your student comfortable during the night.

If they are moving into off campus housing then you will probably be looking at buying a bed. If so, then look for a mattress pad that is waterproof (to protect the mattress) but yet breathable (so your student will not sweat during the night). Then everything else is just the same as living on campus

Providing your student with a good sleeping environment will help them get the quality sleep they need, and hopefully will give them the boost to get through their daily classes and on with their future.

How much farther you want to go with decorating their space is totally up to you and them.


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