Fall is Time of Reflection

If you are in the Southeast Coastal area of the United States, please heed all warnings to remove yourself from the area of Hurricane Matthew, as life is more important than this article.    If you are not in that area, then continue reading.

Fall started a couple of weeks ago, but today when I was walking my dog, it definitely felt like Fall with temperatures much cooler than they have been, plus rain here, snow in the high country, and a freeze warning out for tonight.


Not only do I have to cover my Strawberries plants tonight (as they are loaded with fruit), but it is time to put another blanket on the bed to keep warm without cranking up the furnace (which needs a maintenance call scheduled).


How about where you live?  Are you dealing with cooler temperatures?  If so, now is the time to get ready for much cooler temperatures, otherwise Winter.   Review what bed linens you currently have, and if anything needs to be replaced.


Also, Thanksgiving is 7 weeks away, are you ready for the relatives?   Take this opportunity to get ready for the holiday season.



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