Are you Green with your Towels?

Today I was working with a longtime client of mind…known her for 15-20 years.   She had come in to purchase some new towels to replace her current towels, which she bought from me over 15 years ago.  She purchased 12 sets.54eb9bae14033_-_retail-salesperson-xl

That being said, these towels were some of the best quality towels on the market at the time.  Granted, she paid a little bit more for these towels, but she got 15 years out of them.  Definitely a great value for her money…if you divide the cost of what she originally paid by 15 (years she had them).  My guess is her original price on these towels, 15 years ago was about $ 60 for a 3 piece set (Bath, Hand, Wash).  That means these high quality towels cost her about $ 4 dollars per year.   There is no way you can purchase a 3 pc. set of high quality towels for $ 4.

Why am I bringing this up, you ask?  So many millennials say that they are “Green,” but if you are replacing your towels every 6 months, because what you purchased has either fallen apart or lost it’s color (what drew you to it), how is that “Green?”

landfillMy client hasn’t replaced her towels in 15 years.  In fact, they still looked pretty good.  So many people are constantly replacing their towels every 6 months.  That would make a total of 360 sets of towels ending up in a land fill over 15 years, if they purchase/throw out 12 sets of towels every 6 months, plus not to mention the total cost for these towels.  If the average set is $ 20 per set, that would be a total cost of $ 7200.00 over 15 years for all of these towels vs if you purchase a better set of towels (that you could get say 5 years out of) for $ 60 a set, that would be $ 720 for 5 years, or $ 2200 for 15 (if you replace every 5 years).  Savings of $ 5000.  What would you do with $ 5000? 

Elegance from Kassatex

More money in your pocket, less stuff in a landfill.  Need to know how to select better quality towels, we can help.  Just ask.




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