Is Social Media stealing your Sleep?

Are you one of those people always checking your phone even during the time when you should be sleeping?

I know my husband recently got a new smartphone, and in the beginning it was not set up properly, so he was receiving text messages and Facebook notifications during the night.  To say the least everytime one of those notices came to his phone the sound would wake me up, making the night very long, as I was not getting any quality sleep.

I have since fixed his phone to basically shut down all notifications from 9 pm to 5 am, with the exception of immediate family (who would only call if it is an emergency), and that makes for a more restful night’s sleep, for both of us.


Now I just read an article talking about Teens and their social media connection.  It says many of them wake up during their sleep time to check their social media.  You can read more here.

Do you find yourself checking your phone during your sleep time, cause you received notification of a Social Media post or text, and don’t want to miss out?   If so, you may be losing valuable sleep…that no matter how much Coffee you drink the next morning, will not replace it.

Starting now, make your bed/bedroom a sanctuary dedicated to sleep.  Turn off your phone, or if like us you have aging parents, at least make it so the only notifications you received is for emergency situations from immediate family members.











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