Spring means Green

March says Green.  Afterall, we have St. Patrick’s Day and the 1st Day of Spring during the month of March.

Shamrock 2017Spring 2017





How green are you?

Are you one of those people who purchase the latest trend for sheets or towels, or are you budget conscience and buy something that fits better with your wallet?

How long do those purchases last…6 months, 1 year because the items are already falling apart, or a new trend has come along?

And once you have decided to move on to something else, what happens to those bed and bath linens?


Many end up in the local landfill.   Is that really being green?

Next time you are ready to move on to new linens, please think about what to do with your current items, such as donate to your local pet shelter.

index 2

Better yet, do a little research, and find something that will fit in the current trend, but will also move forward with the next trend, plus possibly be a better product that will last longer, and keep your linen closet from looking like this.


Think Green, Happy Spring!



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