Independence Day

Independence Day…what does it really mean?

Retailers would have you think it is the best time of the year to purchase items, such as appliances and mattresses.  Maybe it is that 4 Day weekend you get to spend vacationing.  Or just Baseball and Fireworks…who doesn’t love a great Fireworks display.


However, in reviewing everything over the past year, plus reading many articles of late, this is how I see Independence.

I was born in a country where anything is possible.  Does not matter, who you are, where you are from, or your circumstances.  There is a real opportunity to succeed here, and that is why so many people dream of coming to the United States of America.

Granted, this country is not perfect.  With our diversity of peoples and opinions, we are a country of differences.  Even though we may fight among ourselves, we can quickly come together when there are threats or tragedy at home or overseas.

We would like to observe a level playing field of one person, one vote, but we allow special interests on all sides to diminish the power of these votes.

We celebrate those individuals who succeed by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, but are also willing to provide hand-outs to those who claim they are victims and take advantage of the generosity of our system.

With all of the opportunities to succeed in this country, there is no room for a level playing field…life will not be fair to everyone, just like baseball.  There will be successes and failures.

Some of us will have to work harder than others as the road we started out on was filled with potholes.  Those that hustle will continue to move forward to ultimate success, while those that sit on the sidelines will always find someone or something that is standing in the way.

Again, we live in America…land of opportunity.  Yes, there will always be external forces beyond your control, obstacles in the way, and things said that you find offensive.

However, we should not let these external forces control our lives, otherwise, we will allow others to dictate what we think and do.

I believe our Forefathers, when writing the Declaration of Independence for this great country, saw that to move forward and succeed we must do it alone, and forge our own path away from the countries they immigrated from.  That was the spirit and foundation that built the great country we live in.


Today, is the day we should step up and create our own Independence…like our Founding Fathers did 241 years ago.  Do not continue to depend on something or someone else, ie the lottery, the company, and/or the government to define you.  Set your course, take responsibility and make your own success.  That is the true freedom…to know that you can take control, and make your life dreams happen.  That is real independence.






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