Purchasing Bath Towels

There are many choices for Bath towels on the Market today.   How do you go about selecting what is best for your family and home?

1.  Decide what your budget is for purchasing towels.

With prices going up on so many things today, how much do you want to spend?  Take some time, look at ads in the paper or sites on the internet.   Are towels being shown offered in separate pieces, ie Bath, Hand, Wash, etc, or are they sold in sets such as 6 pc sets including 2 Bath, 2 Hand, 2 Wash, etc.

2. Decide what pieces you really need to buy.

How many bathrooms are you trying to stock?  Is it a fullsize Bath with tub or shower?  Is it a half bath with sink and toilet only?

If it is a fullsize with a tub or shower, will it require a bathmat (extra thick towel to step out on), which can be laundered with the rest of the towels.  Would only need one per set of towels.

How many people share this bathroom?  Do they use Hand towels or washcloths?  This will determine what your own personal set of towels will consist of.   For example, if you have 3 people sharing one bathroom and they use Hand and Wash, then I would suggest 3 Bath, 3 Hand, 3 Wash, and 1 Bathmat for each set for this bathroom.

How many sets would you need, depends on how often laundry is done.  If towels are laundered and re-hung in bathroom on the same day, then 1 set.  If towels are laundered but not re-hung in the bathroom on the same day, then 2 sets.

If you have a half bath or guest bathroom with just the sink, and want to replace them at the same time, then add 2 extra hand towels per set.

3. What is your current housing situation?

If you are currently renting, then I would suggest that you purchase towels in a neutral color, such as White, Ivory, or Linen (looks like coffee after cream is added).  These colors are very flexible and can move from one place to another, and keep your budget down when moving.

If you own your home, then maybe it’s time to add color and personalize the look of your bath.  If you have wall paper, tile or paint color, take those with you when you go to the local retailer to purchase towels.  That way you can see how to compliment what you have with the colors that are available.  Purchasing on line is a little more complicated, as colors of products sometimes don’t show as well as depending on your computer monitors.  There look for products that maybe carried in your local retailer to check colors.  Otherwise, you may want to purchase a wash cloth to check color prior to purchasing all of your towel needs.

Now comes the hard part.  What type of towel do you want?


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