Towel Sizes

Towels come in a variety of sizes and sometimes referred to with different names.  Here I will explain the different sizes and what they are most suitable for.

Bath Towel

Comes in many sizes.  Manufacturers of towels will offer sizing from 24″ x 42″ to 30″ x 56″ and call them bath towels.  If you are familiar with towels in Motels, then you have experienced the 24″ x 42″ size.   This size is relatively inexpensive, but allows for more pieces to be laundered at the same time.  Luxury towels usually come in the upper range size of 30″ x 56″.  This size is more expensive, and most likely found in homes which do not require large amounts to be laundered at one time.  Look for the size that fits your needs.

These are usually used in the Bathroom, some of the larger ones can find their way into the Spa or Hot Tub areas, especially in Homes.

Hand towels

Sizes don’t very as much in this category.  Unusally the size is 15″ x 28″ to 16″ x 32″.  Again the smaller size is usually found in Motels, while the larger size is a Luxury towel found in home.

These are found in the Bathrooms as well as Guest or Half Baths.   And depending on your needs, could subsitute for Kitchen towels as well.

Wash Cloths or Face Cloths

Most are either 12″ x 12″ or 13″ x 13″.   These are most likely used in the bathroom to wash one’s face or other small portions of the body.  They are also good subsitutes for dishcloths in the Kitchen.

Bath Mats or Tub Mats

These pieces are extra thick toweling made to absorb water as you are toweling off after stepping out of the shower or tub.  They are usually 20″ x 30″ to 24″ x 36″.  The bathroom is most likely the area to use these items, but again, could play a role in the Spa and Hot Tub areas of the home.

Bath Sheets, Beach Towels, or Pool Towels

As the name suggests, these towels are very large.  Usually somewhere between 34″ x 60″ to 40″ x 70″.  Most solid color towel collections offer this size.  But there are also many patterns to choose, especially if you prefer to keep your bath towels separated from your recreational towels.

Fingertip or Guest Towel

These towels are not as readily available as they were a decade ago.  These are mostly 11″ x 18″, fringed on both ends.  Most found in today’s market are embroidered or embellished of some sort.  Around the holidays you will find a larger selectiona.  These are for the Bathroom or Guest Bathroom for Guests to use.



    • Cotton is always a great choice for towels, but there are many types of cotton used in manufacturing towels, and they are not created equal. Softer cottons tend to be Turkish, Egyptian, and Supima. Take care in selecting which cotton towels you choose, as lower quality cotton may leave you disappointed in your purchase.

  1. Were can I purchase standard bath towels?? I live in Akron, OH?? My mother is 93 yrs old & take sponge baths, can’t walk/ get in showers anymore.. She wants standard size only..

    Thank you!!

    • Not sure what you mean by Standard size? When I started in the business 35+ years ago, the size of Bath towels were mostly 24 x 48, 25 x 50, and 27 x 50. Over the decades the sizing has now increased to 28 x 53, 30 x 54, and 30 x 56. Happy hunting.

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